• 645 Cherry

    645 Cherry

    Designed and constructed in a whirlwind six months of activity in 2008, our work at 645 Cherry in Grand Rapids has reanimated a chronically underutilized mid-century modernist anomaly nestled in a historic neighborhood of century old homes. Housing both the Highland Group and Lott3Metz Architecture, the renovated building recaptures the building’s original open plan while updating the workspaces to 21st Century ideals.

    In 2010, Lott3Metz received preservation awards from both the City of Grand Rapids and the State of Michigan. In 2011, Lott3Metz received an Honorable Mention in Historic Preservation & Adaptive Reuse from the Grand Valley chapter of the AIA.

  • The Pyramid Scheme

    The Pyramid Scheme

    The Pyramid Scheme was formally a vacant, mold-infused structure originally constructed as a car repair shop in downtown Grand Rapids. The goal was to create a bar in the front and a live music venue in the back to accommodate approximately 300 people. Located in a historic district, the exterior needed to meet the requirements of the Department of Interior Standards for Historic Preservation. The original copper window frames were restored and historical photos matched the façade with its original appearance. The interior bar seating allows for flexibility and features dozens of pinball machines.

  • Fulton Street Farmers Market

    Fulton Street Farmers Market

    The Fulton Street Farmers Market (FSFM) exemplifies our strong civic commitment to a 90-year-old Grand Rapids institution. Beginning with a neighborhood plan in 2005, a vision for an improved and expanded FSFM was presented. A phased construction process began in the fall of 2010 with completion in May of 2013.

    Our design revolves around the relationship between the plaza, market building, the vendor shed and the street. The solution includes a market building located on the West side of a plaza that connects the street to the vendor shed.

    The market building houses FSFM offices and year-round vendors. Glazed, overhead doors open onto the plaza. A colonnade further defines the plaza’s uses: pedestrian circulation occurs on axis to the vendor shed between the building and the colonnade while cart vending, seating and bike parking occurs to the east. A bus stop is also incorporated.

    Customer parking is located at the north, east, and west perimeters of the site and is fed by a revised and enhanced circulation pattern on the site.

    In 2013, The Fulton Street Farmers Market won a Building Design Award from AIAGR.

  • Harmony Hall

    Harmony Hall

    Harmony Hall, our third and largest project with Bear Manor Properties, is a German-style beer hall in a former Mexican restaurant located at a prominent intersection on the west side of Grand Rapids. The main floor contains the brew house and a smaller informal "drinks only" bar with a main bar and two dining rooms on the second floor. A large glass garage door was placed at the main corner of the second level with views to downtown. Portions of the existing art from the previous restaurant were retained to personalize the space and give a nod to the past. Changes were made to the existing exterior to help give the pub a new identity.