Big week of press for us here at Lott3Metz. Greg kicked off with Shelley Irwin in a really nice segment. Shelley is such a gracious interviewer and she allowed Greg’s enthusiasm for our work to come right through the speaker. Take a listen if you haven’t already, it’s a fun few minutes of radio. Thanks again, Shelley.

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A few days later on August 31st, we rolled out our work for the Midtown Neighborhood Association and The Fulton Street Farmers Market.

Rosalynn Bliss Rocks the MicIn some respects, we’ve been working on the market since we started working on the Brikyaat Neighborhood in 2005. Early on in our process a strong consensus emerged for an enhanced farmers market. In February of 2010 we started the design and documentation of the enhancements in earnest. Our work here embodies the highest aspirations of our practice: high design for people and businesses with which we live and work in urban settings that are ripe for investment.

We’ll take some time in a future post to discuss the design in more detail, but we expect that our work here will engage Fulton Street and the business district while providing much needed infrastructure improvements for vendors and a much more pleasant experience for the FSFM’s customers.  I really think this will be special.  We’re looking forward to starting construction next year and opening for business in May of 2012.

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Many people were involved in this effort but none more important than Mark Miller of Nederveld.  Not only is Mark  a principled designer whose focus on the critical issues of quality urbanism continually pushes our work to a higher level, but also he is an old friend that I treasure every opportunity to collaborate.

Ted Spreads the WordThanks also, to to our many clients on this project: The Midtown Neighborhood Association, The City of Grand Rapids, and the vendors and customers of the Fulton Street Farmers Market.  Specifically,  Melissa Harrington, Keven Hayes, John Platte, Case Visser, Jason Otto, Kelly Otto, Amy Duggan, Kelly Langan, Tom Pfister, & Rosalynn Bliss.  Thanks also to Josh Duggan for the event photos. And, thanks most of all to Christine Helms-Maletic for all her vision, faith, and effort.

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Support local food systems. Support the scene.

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