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NotLEEDRead this article – Boston Society of Architects This is an issue that we have had concerns about for some time and the BSA hit it on the head. A private for profit institution, such as the GBCI, should not be used as a government regulator. The public has no say or control over their actions and with legislation tied into it, ugly things will happen.

Audrey and I got a late start on Saturday morning and didn't get to market until after 11AM. The stalls were full of vendors and customers were everywhere.Saturday had to be one of the best opening days in recent memory, vendors we were talking to had already sold all their products and were packing up to go. We're going to have to move much faster on Saturdays. FSFM's popularity continues to grow.

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207070 10150149045285044 730995043 6993178 3681502 nI watched the April 15th West Michigan Week on WGVU with an creeping sense of dread belied by a swell of clarity. Dread from a hail of jaundiced data from a false citizen organization who's life cycle resembles a periodical cicada - venturing into the light only during years of transit millages. Dread from the false citizen representing his organization with a blithe disregard of a Junior Class Presidential candidate. And, dread from the continued efforts by the media - highlighted by the recent Grand Rapids Press series on the issues - to bolster a false equivalency between a couple of guys hoping to get invited to speak at a Mackinaw Center Black Tie Dinner and an ongoing, successful model of regional governmental cooperation.

BookCover8X10 draft03We are excited to announce the release of our new monograph Urban Edits. Over one year in the making, Urban Edits compiles the recent planning work of the Lott3Metz & Nederveld, Inc. with essays by Ted Lott and Mark Miller that highlight their evolutionary and pragmatic approach to working in existing urban spaces. Their design and revitalization work recounted in the book highlight nimble and respectful improvements that affect progressive change in functioning residential & business districts.

Urban Edits at

Great article by Elizabeth Hoffman-Ransford. Greg is on the study committee to save the school.

The beginning of almost every year is typically quiet around the Lott3Metz clubhouse: holiday overload and heavy snows have even the busiest of clients bedded down for long winter's naps. 2011 has been no different. During the first part of this year we've been planting the seeds for a bountiful 2011 construction season. The sun is out, the snow is gone, and we're hard at work.

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bl003593JP2 re4 finalThis fall the University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture hosted an exhibit of the work of Robert C. Metcalf. I understand that it closed earlier this week. I blew it. I wish I could have seen it. But then that's the way it is for me and Bob Metcalf.

On Wednesday we steamed up the Yesterdogs and Amy Ruis loaded in the beers and the wines (she even brought some special French stuff for me and Greg) for our annual holiday shindig. These parties never fail to surprise. Clients, partners, contractors, elected officials, revolutionaries, paratroopers, lion tamers, friends, family, and carpet reps roll through the doors for a drink and a dog. We had a time!

Herm & Vertigo ~ GRPress Image/Mark CopierChris Knape's piece on the recently completed park at the corner of Division & Cherry in the Heartside District of downtown Grand Rapids sent me digging through my file cabinet for the December 2000 report from Dan Burden's Walkable Communities where the idea of aligning the West side of Cherry Street with its slightly offset eastern leg first saw the light of day.

We all had a great time on Saturday at Grand Valley AIA Honor Awards. Greg, David Maxam, Deb Dik, & Brian Swem assembled the best Honor Awards event I've ever seen.

As an added surprise, the Grand Valley AIA created a special award for Greg - The Extraordinary Service Award - to honor all his service to our local chapter. The award was the icing on the cake of a great event.

The gallery space at 38 Commerce SE will be open for the duration of ArtPrize. Stop in and check it out.

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