Corez is currently featured in a Food and Wine Magazine slide show titled, Where to go Next: Wine Pro Hangouts. Very cool. We love this place. Not just because it's close to the office and the house, not just because we designed the space, and not just because Cory and Anna Waller have become such good friends, but because the food and wine are great.

Wine Glass corez w britney 

Corez opened in early 2009 after an intense six months of design and construction with Corey and Anna doing much of the work themselves. Working with McGraw Construction, we took a small space and a tight budget and created a unique space for drinking and dining in the shell of a 40 year old attorney's office. Finishes are minimal, focused around defining the dining and bar spaces with a wood slat wall/ceiling treatment and strategic decorative lighting.

Our good friend, Andy Dragt, did a piece on Corez soon after it opened with Mike Dombrowski for Rapid Growth embedded above. If you haven't stopped in for a glass of the current house red, you should. We'll be the ones at the bar with the bottle of Vinsobres.