Just got back from Chicago & NeoCon2010. It’s always a sensory overload. We’ve learned to plan ahead, to schedule our tours, and to be very selective about our visits.

Regardless, we were able to check in with most of our friends. The new Steelcase meeting technology stuff had me drooling, Paul Murray of Herman Miller was showing off their desperately needed contributions to ecoScorecard, Jackie Neerkin of Haworth gave us a tour fit for a king – or a queen as the case may be – and we’re all signing up for one of those nutty under desk bikes that Details was showing off.

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No matter the schedule we always make to time to spend at the Turnstone showroom. We’ve developed a little mutual admiration society between Lott3Metz and the Turnstoners.  Kirt, Jim, Jeff, & Lynette have helped us out immensely with our new space and they continue to come up with great work place solutions. Our office is currently fit out with their Tour workspace product and we love it.

Chicago Showroom 3a

A while back we expressed our feelings about Turnstone and Tour on camera…we are now known on sight by every Steelcase sales rep in North America. It’s a surprisingly minor fame.

Thanks to all our Chicago friends for hosting us all, again.  Thanks to David Beerends for the intrepid wine selections. And thanks, most especially, to Craig Boeve for the great Monday evenings – the real reason for NeoCon.