On May 26th more than 60 cyclists were cut loose in the City of Grand Rapids visiting locally owned and operated businesses. A small card containing eight logos and a vague map was the only information participants received before being sent off on a caper that would not disappoint.2016 Alley Cat 7

Everything started at Belden Brick and Supply’s outdoor showroom where Belden brought in Yesterdog and refreshments to satiate everyone’s appetite and prepare them for the task ahead.

2016 Alley Cat Card Back2016 Alley Cat Card Front

Moments before the start participants were given a card outlining a series of checkpoints including; Rockford Construction, Pioneer Construction, Blue Dog Tavern, Central District Cyclery, Custer, Donkey and The Meanwhile. Checkpoints could be visited in any order or quantity but there were only two hours to complete the course.

Participants ranged from legit bike messengers who finished the course as fast as possible, under an hour, to participants riding in Pedi cabs. Some people had so much fun at the checkpoints that they never made it to the finish. Those who did make it back were given one raffle entry for each checkpoint that they visited. Prizes included gift certificates to Donkey and Blue Dog Tavern, bike helmets and a hydration pack.

We would like to thank all of our participants and everyone who helped to make the first Local Trades Alley Cat a success.


Photo Credit:  Tommy Allen